Saturday, March 15, 2014

About the Author

Hi, this is Jay Roman Bleu. Welcome to my blog. Here I will hopefully be putting my opinions on a regular basis in an effort to make the world a better place. They will hopefully be packaged in a humorous and artistic way, but they will be controversial.

Let's be honest: totally free speech is a myth. Already I have received death threats and unemployment threats for my beliefs, and frankly I'm scared of those people, so that is why there is a layer of anonymity here. As you can see, the portrait is a tad touched up: I have given myself a mustache.

Topics will hopefully reflect what are the popular issues in the nation today, or what's getting under my skin. I am a Gender Normalist, a Formerly-Christian Atheist, and a Kantian Deontologist, among other things, so I'll start with some of that. I live by the motto, "Perfection of self, happiness of others, and the occasional humbling of obnoxious jerks." The first two are by Kant, the third is what this site is about, but they all go together.


Pick and Choose

The Christians are getting wishy-washy these days, undermining the authority of their holy book if it goes against the liberal majority and the pulpit. Soon it will be swallowed up completely by the world it tried so hard to distance itself from. I'll have mixed feelings about seeing it go.