Saturday, May 24, 2014

We Need a Logo

Say what you want about the LGBT community, but they're organized and have good marketing.

The other side doesn't even have a name. Just homophobes or anti-LGBT. Well that's not gonna fly anymore. I've been using a term for a while now, I call myself a Gender Normalist. To be hip, you can call yourself a G-Norm. It means that, though there are whole ranges of masculinity and femininity in the human race, ultimately a man is supposed to be a man and a woman a woman. Also, of course, a man and a woman belong together or stay single, no homosexuality. No, this does not mean a man can't be into fashion and a girl into trucks. This does not appoint a housekeeper and a bread-winner. But I can tell you who should naturally have softer features and play to those strengths, and who shouldn't train themselves to have a sexy, sassy lisp. There are norms. A normal is a straight line going from the origin to a curve and making a right angle to the skewed tangent. Normalization is conforming and aligning to the line.

It's very logical, mathematical, and symbolic. No religion is required. If you want to have some in there, that's fine, but it is not the basis of the movement. That causes division between atheists and Christians with similar views, and freakshows like Westboro pop up, derailing the whole thing.

So I made a logo. I'm open to others, but something had to be done. The LGBT community has a slew of them: the upside down triangle, the equal sign, and they even stole the freaking rainbow from graphic designers everywhere.

So next time there's some made up holiday and you're supposed to post a picture to your facebook profile, try this one. When someone asks, talk about the movement to address and treat a rampant personality disorder that is destroying society. It's a legitimate position to take, and cannot be silenced. Maybe we need a tagline. Here's an idea: "I'm not so concerned about gay rights, but is anyone addressing all of the gay wrongs?"

Keep your head up, and maybe we can swing this thing.

Building a Better Insult

The LGBT community has like, two words they can use on you if you're a gender-normalist, or anti-LGBT. And use them they will. To death.

I thought I'd define some words real quick to enlighten you and them to their true meanings.

Homophobe - A person who is afraid they might be gay, or a person who is afraid they will be perceived by others as gay. Honest to goodness, that is the original definition right out of psychology of the 1960s. And if you don't believe the origin, at least the definition makes sense, since gender-normalists don't fear homosexuality at all, nor have phobias of any kind. It goes back to the mental disorder thing, and I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I is no longer going to fly, which has been going on for years. Every person who comes out against gays is instantly scrutinized in their own same-sex relationships and allegations are made as to their intimacy. Why would I say, "Being gay is fine and dandy. If you don't think so, maybe you're gay (which is fine and dandy)." No logic to that one.

Bigot - A person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Is that a bad thing? Heaven forbid people should stand up for what they believe in, and usually the person uttering this word is the worst offender. Who is losing their jobs over the LGBT crap? The normalists, that's who. But if you want to know why this word supposedly hurts, it's because it sounds so much like "faggot." I'm serious, listen to how people say it exactly the same way. This is the same logic as before. They are using their own condition as an insult. Madness I tell you.

Idiot - Someone who uses all their fancy words in one go, having no idea how lame they sound.

Insult - A statement that truly hurts. Let me show you a few classics that really cut to the heart.

Disease-ridden freak of nature
You take it in the ass
You consistently smell like shit

I mean, those are good insults. But you know, sticks and stones.